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AdMonsters Group News | LinkedIn

y last AdMonsters blog post was about the key challenges that face ad ops professionalslooking progress their careers.

It seems appropriate as a follow up to look at this from another angle – what are the challenges that face employers looking to maintain, and grow their ad ops teams?

I made the point in my last post that candidates with ad ops experience are highly employable. Not only are they extremely rare in the job market due to their overall scarcity, but they are also in near-constant demand from employers.

It’s this tension between supply and demand that lies behind some major challenges that employers face right now if they run an ad ops team.

In a candidate-starved marketplace it’s a major challenge to staff up to appropriate levels – that’s simple maths.

It follows that if you’re not staffed up to appropriate levels, your incumbent staff will be more likely to feel overworked, stressed and worn out.