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Maximize Your Ad Traffickers' Value - iMediaConnection.com: "Acceleration's director of ad operations says that if you involve the ad trafficker in a campaign from its earliest stages, the results will be phenomenal.

I've read many articles in which the trafficker is referred to as a member of a rare species, a person who spends his or her days performing a monotonous role filled with mundane tasks, and who is condemned to a career of dull operational jobs.

It's true: Traffickers are rare species, but not in the way that conventional wisdom holds. Traffickers are unique individuals who need to be skilled in a vast number of areas to make a difference, and there aren't too many of them around.

They need good technical skills -- including good HTML, Flash and Excel skills -- that are combined with rigorous attention to detail and a logical mind to understand why things don't always perform the way they should. The trafficker, although often undervalued and cut out of the loop, is the person closest to your campaign.

As such, he or she can provide real insight into why your campaign is performing in a particular way and provide an excellent understanding of the type of optimization that should occur. They can understand detail and analyze data, so why are they so often left out of the campaign briefing and strategy stages?"