Ad Networks/Ad Exchanges

What Ad Network/Ad Exchange is the best for your website?

There is no right answer for this, there are so many factors that have to be considered before answering this question.

As a publisher you will have to consider trying some of those out there in the market.

I could help you with identifying the best Ad Network Ad Exchanges for your website.

Please feel free to let me know if you need any support with Ad Networks and Ad Exchanges

I have been working with Ad Networks and Ad Exchange for a while now, some the Ad Networks/Ad Exchanges are

Advertising Exchanges:
* AdBrite
* Adjug
* APT from Yahoo!
* BidPlace (under AOL’s Platform-A)
* Datran Media
* DoubleClick Ad Exchange
* GlamX Ad Exchange
* OpenX
* Right Media
* Traffiq

Cloud Computing:
* Amazon Web Services
* AppNexus
* GoGrid

Data Exchanges:
* BlueKai
* eXelate Media

Ad Exchange Traders:
* Adnetik
* Cadreon
* CPM Advisors
* Media Equals
* Varick Media Management
* VivaKi

Media Trading Systems:
* AdBuyer.com
* Bizo
* Brilig
* CPMatic
* DataXu
* Invite Media
* MediaMath
* Turn
* x+1

Yield Optimization:
* AdMeld
* DART Adapt
* PubMatic
* Rubicon Project
* YieldBuild
* Yieldex