Benefits of Collaboration

Based on my Project Management Experience I would say I totally agree with Jin on this. Many resources are always better than a few. However what also happens is that the sense of responsibly is lost. As a project manager I faced problems like a team member would think that the other team member was responsible for a certain tasks components. So my role was to make sure that all the team members were sure for what particular task he/she is responsible and understands the whole project as well. So the collaboration has to be guided and managed to gain the best out of it.companies sometimes need to be careful when making a decision to collaborate. There are certain things that top management has to take into account. A company should never start a collaboration or buy a service if the company itself is capable doing the same, because it can give out information, loose its core competencies, stay longer than it should on the S curve starting point because of the partner company delays, misunderstandings etc. Also the company will have to share the profit.
On the other hand if a company wastes too much time in creating R&D teams, organizing development of a certain product or service it may find itself out of competition , since everything is developing very fast especially in Information Technology fields. The conclusion is that companies really have to take into account many factors before signing up for a partnership or going solo.

I read an interesting article about Nokia. It has all of the situations described here. Everyone is aware that Nokia is losing the market share to Iphone and other competitors. The CEO Elop is trying to fix the situation and last July he suggested to shift from Symbian to Android or Windows phone, which was not considered however, instead an update was done to Symbian, meaning they used their own R&D , but the update was late and did not bring much value, and they continued to fall behind and lose share in the market. So they lost more money.
Also a very interesting point I noticed in this article was that maybe Nokia is really doing good in terms of innovations and R&D but only for Nokia itself and not for its consumers .
Here is the link if you'd like to read http://gigaom.com/mobile/a-canadian-in-espoo-elop-gives-nokia-a-chance/