8 Great Reasons to Work in Ad Ops

The job outlook is bleak for most occupations, however the market for digital advertising as well as Ad Operations (Ad Ops) is on a positive uptick. For those who are looking for a first job that could turn into a career or those looking to make a more lucrative career move, this might be the best place to start. Here are the eight best reasons that working in Ad Ops may be the business for you.

  1. Ad Operations allows you to learn about digital advertising while on the job.
The Ad Ops department is the one key department that is central to every single operation in the business. Other teams and departments come to Ad Operations for information and to get their own projects off the ground. Working in this department allows you a bird's eye view of every single aspect of the company.

  1. Ready for a challenge? Ad Ops may be perfect for you.
Since all of the departments rely on Ad Ops, it goes without saying that it is very important. That level of importance can be very challenging as well as rewarding. You will learn a number of skills that can be used to your best advantage in other positions, whether at your own company or in a new business. You will learn how to deal with people: from demanding clients to aggressive and competitive coworkers. You will also learn computer and technology related skills like how to read HTML and coding languages including JavaScript and Flash.
You may also be asked to work in the project manager role as well. Being able to work with technology and people is a major bonus in the increasingly tech-centric world.

  1. Ad Ops can be the best place to launch any career in the field of digital advertising.
Coupled with the wide range of skills that are learned and perfected and the growing need for tech savvy employees, working in Advertising Operations can be your platform to dive into any number of other professions in the field from marketing to management. It only takes you to decide which aspect you want to focus on and then to sink your teeth into that new position with your solid skills and dedication firmly in place. You can choose to focus on the technology, the people or the more creative side of the skill sets that you now possess.

  1. Job Security is almost guaranteed for you.
Attorneys and graduating law students are finding out that there are just not enough jobs to go around in that profession. However, in Ad Ops, nearly everyone is hiring and all are looking for highly qualified staffers. There are even positions for brand new grads that can lead to bigger and better positions.

  1. Ad Ops is a growth industry.
Advertising has been important since the first product was marketed and sold. But, advertising has to take into account the popular and effective medium of the time. Radio ads gave way to spots on television, TV ads are giving way to mobile and internet marketing. It is important to find the right balance of technical knowledge, internet skills and people skills to be effective in the current work place.

  1. There are incredible opportunities in this area because of all of the potential growth.
Just a decade ago, digital advertising was bringing in roughly seven billion dollars a year. The estimate for the current year is more than four times that amount and in five years could be as much as fifty billion dollars. The industry is growing at a mind boggling pace and has a number of smaller, niche departments that are also seeing amazing growth as well.

  1. Advertising Operations is like a well functioning family unit.
Ad Ops is not the cut throat world of advertising and marketing that you see depicted on certain shows and movies. In fact, cooperation and interaction with one another are the keystones to this community. There are several ways to ask for help, including how to do a key aspect of your job. AdMonster's message board is one way of getting tips and additional training. You can also use LinkedIn groups, instant message a colleague or do any other thing without shame or fear. Advertising Operations people are keen on solving problems and enjoy helping one another.

  1. What a fun job Advertising Operations can be!
How many professions can say that the workers are happy and actually excited about coming to work? Advertising is a great way to be creative while still making solid money. Ad Ops usually has the most laid back group in the office with the most relaxed hours and dress codes and the happiest workers as well. All that while working on the cutting edge of technology, sometimes before any one else gets their hands on it!